Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Hello to all who grace my blog with your reading.  Thank you for coming--

I'd driven around every mobile home park in the vicinity of Columbia City, South Whitley, and Coesse.  I'd looked at foreclosed homes still filled with the previous residents' furniture and family pictures.  I'd toured homes that, were I a professional flipper, might have had some promise. 

Then I called the bank to see about a loan.

As a stay-at-home mom, facing divorce, I had no income and only one potential prospect for some freelance technical writing.

The very nice gal on the other end of the line said (much nicer than this) there was no way I could get a loan until I'd been working steadily for two years.  Oh, okay then.

So I called the least expensive apartment managers in town.  A one-bedroom above a furniture store was available but they didn't take pets. The rent was $300 and I had . . . .$0.00.

On a lark, believing they were just for really desperate people, I called Habitat for Humanity of Whitley County.  I talked to April, a well-spoken, knowledgable, and empathetic gal with a pleasant voice and a nice sense of humor.  Especially when it dawned on me I was technically homeless, we had a good laugh.  My laugh was more out of astonishment than anything else but I left their office feeling like maybe I'd get somewhere.  Maybe I could find a home for my kids and get to keep my dog.

Nearly six months later, here I am with my name on a sign stuck in the dirt of my soon-to-be front yard. 

Tomorrow we start framing things up, after a storm is supposed to blow through, and thus will begin the most dramatic portion of this journey toward homeownership.

I'll keep you posted and would love to hear from you.  A terribly inadequate thank-you is extended to all the crew and volunteers who have played, and continue to play, a part in this experience.  You have no idea--goodness, I have no idea, how much it all really means.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love and cheers,



  1. Congratulations, Laura. I'll be praying for you as you begin this next stage of your life. Remember, God is in control of all things. Keep your eyes fixed on Him. He alone is able to sustain you in every situation that comes your way.

  2. Laura, No Wonder you haven't been at our writers' meetings! I knew you'd be an excellent candidate for Habitat!! Yay!! I am so excited for you!!! Let me know if you need help.


  3. I would just love a visit when all is said and done. Will you come have tea with me?

  4. You need to add the "followers" thingy so people can easily follow and read up on this here blog of yours!!! I'm really happy for you btw. and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your next post on here!

    April from the office :)