Thursday, September 16, 2010


The sound of a Women Build . . .

 . . . thock, thock, thock, thockthockthockthock, THOCK, thock, thock, thock, thock--

Okay, Ladies, this wall is ready to go up! Thock, thock, thock, thockthockthockthock-thock,

THOCK thockthockthock . . .

After a few hours' delay, waiting for a storm to blow over, we pounded through 2 x 6's, headers, cripples, and sills, using 20-penny nails.  It hadn't even occurred to me this would be hand-built.  That's right--no air nailers or auto screw guns.

With every "thock!", the energy and heart of the person swinging the hammer was imbued in the lumber that framed this house.  There they raised the first wall where I'll wash my son's monster truck t-shirts and his favorite camo cutoffs; where I'll scrub the mud stains out of my daughter's blouses.  Then the wall with the window to my daughter's room where she'll get to have my old dollhouse for her own.  Then the kitchen--I pretended to wash dishes while looking out over my front yard.  Then they surrounded my living room with a front door and three more windows.

I had to leave early for a previous obligation but, of course, had to stop by for a look once the day was finished.  The team had walled up four rooms! Wow!   

Thank you all and in the words of a wise four-year-old, "Girls Rock!"

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